Pre Exporter

Am I ready to export?

At this stage the company has already decided to venture into exports and should begin to develop an export plan that includes a financial analysis, identifies and analyzes the target market, and defines objectives, timelines and responsibilities to facilitate a successful export process.
Here you can access some Product Market Sheets, which provide detailed information on a specific product in a given market, such as demand data, prices, access conditions and competitors.

Plan to export

It is essential that any company trying to start a sustainable export process has an Export Plan that they can count on. An Export Plan is defined as:

  • A description, analysis and detailed planning of the export activities that the company expects to develop.
  • A sequential action plan that defines objectives, goals, stages, times, responsibilities and a budget to achieve these objectives.
  • An instrument that can be presented to banks to obtain support and financing.
  • A tool that helps the entrepreneur to organize activities, plan the future and anticipate threats and opportunities.

Procedures To Export

Procedures and regulations to which traditional and non-traditional products are subject

In order to successfully export, different procedures must be followed in accordance with various organizations and some documentation must be completed. This section will provide information about both general and specific procedures and regulations traditional and non-traditional products are subject to, including the different steps that the exporter must follow before exporting their products.

How to export to. . .?

Below is a series of publications compiled by FIDE that provide market overviews of the main business partners of Honduras.

The purpose of these documents is to provide relevant information and possible connections that can assist companies wishing to venture into these foreign markets. The markets covered in these studies are: United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

The documents included here have the following information:

  • Background
  • Generalities: Geographical Features, Demography and Society, Political-Administrative Organization, Economy, Participation in International Organizations.
  • Business Culture: Negotiations, Days and Working Hours, Holidays, Common Practices
  • Market Entry Requirements:Honduras Export Process, General Data and Current Treaties, Distribution Channels, Logistics, including transport infrastructure, General Market Requirements (Procedures and Documents Needed for product entry, Standards), Specific Market Requirements (Procedures specific, Protection Measures, Trademark Registration, Labeling)
  • Taxes:Tariffs, Value Added Tax, Other Taxes.