The export program of FIDE provides technical and commercial advice to Honduran exporters. Its objective is to partner with Honduran businesses in the export process and provide them with relevant information for decision-making and support them in the search for international markets for their products. The services provided by FIDE are focused on three areas:

The services can be summarized as follows:

Business intelligence:

Business intelligence is an indispensable part of a successful internationalization process.  Your company will have access to information on markets, trends, trade statistics (imports and exports) and other relevant information that will allow you to assess the potential of different markets for strategic decision making. This information is an important resource for you to identify the most appropriate markets and the segments with the greatest potential for each of your products. As part of the Commercial Intelligence services, FIDE provides member companies with a series of “How to Export To…” documents, product-market listings and other relevant business information.

Technical Advice:

The export process can be complex if there is no preparation, capacity assessment, if a previous planning exercise is not carried out, and if all the steps and procedures that must be carried out are not well known. As a member of FIDE, you will receive advice on the export process, including: planning, information on market access requirements, procedures to be carried out in different offices, basic diagnosis of export capacity and areas to be strengthened, quality regulations, advice and evaluation of capacities for the formation of export consortiums and more. All of this will help to prepare you for the successful export of your products.

Commercial Promotion 

As a member of FIDE your company may participate in FIDE’s Commercial Promotion activities:

Throughout the year FIDE coordinates the participation of Honduran companies in important international trade fairs. Participation in these fairs enables member companies to publicize their products and build a base of business contacts, which, if supported with adequate follow-up, represent potential export opportunities. In preparation for participation in these trade fairs, the Export Promotion Division provides professional services for the translation of commercial documentation, scheduling and logistics support, and a seminar on how to get the most out of participating in trade fairs. Translation services will also be provided during the fair and in all follow up contact with potential buyers afterwards. The Export Promotion Division will also assist in creating media awareness by featuring companies’ participation in the trade fair on the website and informing local press.

The Honduran Exporters Directory is a promotional tool for the Honduran export sector that FIDE has been publishing for 10 years. The directory features exporting companies and is published once a year in physical form and distributed internationally through a network of Honduran embassies and consulates. FIDE also distributes the Exporters Directory directly to potential buyers and importers at international fairs and missions in which it participates.

The portal is designed for importers and buyers, to help them access information about current product offerings. Therefore, it is an important commercial promotion tool for exporting companies in the country.

FIDE continuously carries out a proactive process of developing alliances and building networks with international buyers in an effort to link Honduran export supply with international demand and open new markets for member companies.

Member companies receive a quarterly report of potential buyers for their products and are informed immediately when there is specific demand for their products.

  • FIDE also conducts business training to improve the competitiveness of Honduran companies, contributing to capacity-building and economic development.

About the export program:

Honduras has what international consumers are looking for: coffee, seafood, oriental vegetables, fruits and vegetables, tilapia, lobster, sugar, milk, cashew nuts, electric harnesses, textiles, wooden furniture, ceramics, cigars, and more.

Sometimes these quality Honduran products are not reaching other markets because companies are unaware of their potential to export, do not know how to carry out the export process, or do not have access to the required information to allow them to successfully export.

However, FIDE can be your strategic ally; helping to facilitate your successful export process, providing you with information and advice to prepare you to export, clearing doubts regarding the export process and actively supporting you in the search for new markets.

Regardless of the stage your company is in, FIDE and its export program can support you in the process of internationalizing your products.


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