About Invest in Honduras/ FIDE

In 1984, a group of Honduran business people were convinced that the most efficient way of contributing to Honduras’ growth and development was by attracting foreign investment to the country, to modernize and improve the productive sectors. Based on this vision, they created the Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports (FIDE).

Through the years, Honduras and its people have changed.  FIDE has been a key element in these transformations adapted itself to them and striving for a positive impact for the country.  Honduras is a country in continuous economic growth, that offers multiple opportunities for the investor, producer, and most important, for its citizens.  Honduras has a young, enthusiastic, creative and skillful population that is ready to enter the labor market and contribute to the production and growth of companies.

FIDE works with all sectors and actors of the country, recognizing its uniqueness and diversity towards the growth and development of Honduras, while adapting to the new conditions in the international environment.  In this way, our actions are aimed at generating spaces for businesses and supporting producers and companies to adopt these changes, promoting their growth and development.

With the work performed by FIDE we have contributed to the country´s development by attracting foreign investment.  The northern region of the country currently has the most modern cluster of apparel and textile manufacturing in the Central American and Caribbean region, as well as a major automotive electronics cluster.

FIDE continues to sustain the initial values with which it was created, as well as the knowledge it holds to attract foreign investment to the country and to promote the exports of Honduran products, continuing to support the growth and development of Honduras.

Mission Statement

To promote the sustainable development of Honduras by encouraging investment and exports
through steady improvements in the international competitiveness of the country and its

Vision Statement

To be and be recognized as the leader in Central America in the promotion of investments and exports, with the necessary financial strength to ensure an effective functioning in the long term.

Key Personnel

Teresa M. Deras (TEG)
Executive Director.
Email: tmderas@fidehonduras.com

Christian Rossi (TEG)
Communications Specialist.
Email: crossi@fidehonduras.com

Nora de Turcios (SPS)
Investment Promotion Coordinator.
Email: nturcios@fidehonduras.com

Jeny Melendez
Exports Promotion Coordinator.
Email: jmelendez@fidehonduras.com

FIDE activities focus on two main components, the promotion of investments and exports, to offer investors and business owners, both local and foreign, a wide range of services to develop new exports or expand existing ones, forge strategic alliances and take advantage of emerging business opportunities.

FIDE Components  



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